What to give a person who has everything?

What to give a person who has everything?

This question is often asked by the parents of grown children as well as friends and acquaintances of very wealthy people. In both cases, innovative approach and good knowledge of a person, his or her lifestyle and preferences are needed.

What to give a person who has everything

The toys are not even talked about. It cannot be too many toys. And even thousand and first car or doll is necessary for a child. Gifts for the action are also well-suited:

1. Sport: bike, scooter, roller skates, skateboard, skates and even banal ‘frisbee’. More affordable gifts are also included here: goggles, fins, snorkel for swimming, skipping ropes, balls.

2. Art: paints, pencils, brushes, pastes for modeling, sets for art.

3. Developing: books, albums with pictures of places, masterpieces, flora and fauna, board games and construction set.

4. Music: records, books about music and musicians, simple musical instruments such as harmonica, whistles, bells.

In addition, the gifts, which are objects of use, will always be welcomed. This may be either clothing (there is never a lot of underwear and socks for children), or children’s tableware and children’s cosmetics (shampoos, soap, foam, toothpaste and toothbrush).

There is a category of gifts that can be a landmark in the life of a child. This can be a camera, a microscope, a telescope, a guitar. It’s all about what the child often speaks, and that could be his or her future profession.

Presents for adults

The fact that children are willing to try anything that will be given to them makes choosing a gift for them much easier. With gifts for adults, spoiled by the fact that they have everything, everything is a little more complicated. But it’s only a little.

Such people will appreciate everything that cannot be bought. That what was done in a single copy:

1. The leaders among such gifts are ‘hand-made’ presents. It can be a man-made jam jar or homemade alcohol ‘made on the secret ingredient recipe.’ It can be painted or embroidered picture, tie or scarf in the style of ‘batik’, candles or bath foam, knitted napkin or sewn tacks.
2. Nominal products are also in this category. Now, not only on the Internet, a lot of companies are offering services to create ‘nominal’ gifts. This may be utensils, T-shirts and bags, stationery, and even candies, cards, calendars with the name and the image for every taste. Any person is happy to have thing signed with his or her own name.
3. Rare gifts are in the same category too. Those which cannot be bought at every turn, but they are suitable for the hobby of the donee. For example, a jar of rare spices, collection tea or coffee, a cup of rare beauty, a unique kind of tulips, matches for the fireplace or hunting waterproof matches.
4. There are also original and unusual gifts. For example, crystal chess, wineglasses made of onyx, salt lamp, bath foam with the aroma of bacon.

In a word, use a sense of humor and imagination, and choose. All these gifts are united just by originality, humor, fantasy, rather than price.

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