What to give for a housewarming party: 7 great gifts

What to give for a housewarming party: 7 great gifts

Housewarming is a real holiday, which many people are aspiring for a long time and working hard to ensure that this event will come. After all, a house-warming is not only the purchase of a new housing, but also the upgrade (repair) of premises. The relatives and friends, the staff at work may be invited to this holiday.

What to give for a housewarming party 7 great gifts

In order to determine the choice of a gift for a housewarming, you must remember the traditions that are peculiar to this event:
The most common tradition is that a cat or a dog must be the first to go through the door. The place, which the cat will choose is considered to be bad, and its presence will remove negative energy.

A dog will choose a positive place, and, as a rule, this is the place where you need to put a bed, a dining table or arrange your workspace. However, you need to give the animal with caution, after finding out whether the hosts of the celebration want to get a pet, and if they have an allergy.

Another tradition of this event is to give a variety of amulets, which will not let the evil spirits enter the house and bring happiness, love and luck to the home. In this case, as a gift, you can choose the traditional amulets or talismans, such as Horseshoe, broom charm or money tree.

Also, to make the harmony always reign in the house, you can give ‘water’, i.e. interior fountain, aquarium or a picture with the image of water.

As a present you can give all sorts of things that symbolize hearth or heat. These can be candles, blankets, lamps, figurines in a fireplace or stove.

New or updated housing necessarily needs a guardian. If the residents of this house will not be happy to get a gift of a new pet, you can present the figures of these animals or brownie.

One of the neutral gifts for housewarming party, which will be always welcomed and will excite everyone, is a variety of kitchen utensils and dishes. In this case it is better to abandon the purchase of the knife, because owners of the house can be a superstitious people. To be original in the usual traditional gifts you can purchase, for example, something unusual. For example, a bucket for champagne or apparatus for preparing fondue. Such gifts will make the hosts happy under any circumstances.

There is also a tradition to come to visit for a housewarming party with own treat, because very often the owners of housewarming do not have time to set the table because of the bustle. So, a variety of specialties, themed cake or a bottle of liquor quality may be just what we needed.

Options of the gift for a housewarming party are diverse; it all depends on the creativity and capabilities. But in any case it is necessary to take into account the tastes, wishes and lifestyles of house owners.

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