What to give the bride at bridal shower?

What to give the bride at bridal shower?

Bridal shower on the eve of the wedding is a great opportunity for the future bride to enjoy the last hours of her free life. As a rule, a scenario of such event is done by bridesmaids; it is informal and may be held in different locations. You can organize the conservative party in the cozy restaurant with observance of strict dress code or reckless holiday in the sauna with the invitation of professional masseurs and male bath attendants.

What to give the bride at bridal shower

Although officially a bachelorette party is not considered as a holiday, come with empty hands is undesirable. You can use the gift to thank the bride for a strong friendship, support her and express your gratitude.

If you are in family ties with the future newlywed or are among the best friends, the solution of this issue will not cause any problems. Knowing the preferences of women, you can easily choose a gift that will suit her in all respects. If you are invited to a bridal shower by a colleague, do not rush to give things of a personal plan, including underwear, perfumery and hygiene items. Such a gift can discourage or cause discontent of the celebration culprit.

Of course, the gift should be appropriate. If the bridal shower will be held at a nightclub, a surprise in the form of bed linen and kitchen utensils will look at least strange. The same applies to the ‘living gifts’. Stripper, suddenly emerging from presented cake, or a half-naked masseur will look out of place on a holiday, if there are middle-aged ladies among invited.

At the bridal shower it is not accepted to give expensive things. If you wish to pamper the bride, you can gain valuable gift in clubbing.

What to give?

1. Handmade gifts. You can translate your creativity, imagination, talent and hard work into an extraordinary gift, manufactured with your own hands. For example, it can be a photo album for the first couple’s photos of family life, the original picture, embroidered with a cross, handmade soap, a video dedicated to the newlyweds, and so on.
If the gifts made with your own hands it’s not about you, you can offer assistance in the preparation of refreshments at the bachelorette party, decorating the hall, entertainment and so on.

2. Practical gifts. Household items will never be superfluous for a young family, unless, of course, it is a fifth coffee machine. Bridal party is not a wedding, so no need to buy large equipment or try to fully equip the apartment (even if your financial capabilities allow). The original tray for breakfast in bed, the kitchen clock in the form of eggs or a sandwich, toaster, box for jewelry and such inexpensive but cute things will be appreciated by celebration culprit.

3. Presents of intimate nature. Gifts of personal plan are usually given by close relatives or best friends, with whom the bride used to share the most cherished. This can be a present from a sex shop, which the future bride has been long dreaming about, cake with a figure of completely naked handsome, cushion in the form of man part, the book ‘Kama-Sutra’, costumes for role-playing games and so on. In order not to put the recipient of a gift in an awkward position, it is preferably to discuss such surprise in advance.

4. ‘Maiden’ gifts. In the cycle of family life, future wife and mother would not always manage to make time for her only. Therefore, in the last days of freedom and recklessness you can pamper her with certificate to the spa, in the cosmetics department, jewelry store, a visit to an exclusive photo shoot, or tickets to a concert of favorite singer.

Choosing a gift for the bride is not one day. To your present would not collect the dust, think carefully about all the nuances. And remember that not the cost of a gift, but your attention, care and love are valued by the bride.

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