What to present to the newborn?

What to present to the newborn?

Birth of a child is a real bright holiday not only for all members of the family of young parents, but also for their friends, close people and even colleagues. The appearance of the baby is almost always accompanied by a feast, so-called baby show, which certainly is a good reason to give mom and baby memorable, and most importantly, useful gift. However, for most people, choosing a gift is a real dilemma, because the modern market of the children’s products is so rich that you can simply get lost.


Top 10 of the best gifts for the newborn

Even our ancestors were thinking about the gift for the newborn. On this occasion, there is even a special belief. Thus, according to popular legend, to the baby in the future would become a successful and wealthy he needs to be given a silver or gold spoon. Also for the future prosperity of the newborn, in addition to the basic gift it is necessary to present banknote. But for those who do not adhere to the popular beliefs, there are many more interesting offerings, of which ten most useful gifts to the newborn and his parents are:


Of course, in the ranking of the most useful baby gifts the first place belongs to the clothing. In this case, the important thing is not to make a mistake in the size and for that you just need to find out the growth and weight of a baby. Beautiful set of children’s clothes definitely will not be superfluous. It is preferable to give the dresses or suits for growth, because in the first months of life, children grow very quickly, and sometimes parents just do not have time to use things presented on the baby show.

Top 10 of the best gifts for the newborn

When shopping for a particular item of clothing you are sure to choose those things that are made exclusively from natural, hypoallergenic fabrics. Besides, clothing should be comfortable in the dressing, but it should not contain small embellishments and appliqué.

Toys – rattles

Rattles are never enough, especially because small children are easily get bored form the surrounding objects as soon as they finish their study and learning. The baby enjoys playing with these toys-rattles up to a year, so their number in the home should be more than the rich.

When choosing a rattle it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it should not be heavy, so the baby could easily hold it in his hand. It is good, if the rattle is equipped with the reliable moving parts that contribute to the development of fine motor skills of fingers and with teethers-rings.

As a complement to the rattle you can add a couple of toys for a bathroom that will make the process of bathing the most interesting and useful. A newborn can be given a special rubber book, soft constructor or a set of toys which is securely fastened to the bath or wall tiles.

Merry go round mobile for the cot

Movable suspension with toys are very popular toys, they are attached to the cot and attract the child’s attention, distracting him from wanton desire to cry. Roundabouts are mechanical, and those that run on batteries. Multi-colored bunnies, birds, balls or fish rotate, reproduce soothing music that lulls the kid. When the baby is a little older and able to stand alone in the crib, he will be able to touch the pendant small animals, learning the world around him.


Developing mat

The musical, developing mat is truly indispensable thing for parents, which is a multi-layer blanket, fitted with rigid arches. The main distinguishing element of developmental mat is the colored appliqués and tacked toys and rattles. The kid will be interested to play at such a blanket up to a year, and after. In addition, even showing a little patience and imagination rug can be sewn with own hands. This homemade gift though is less functional than that bought at the store, but it will be the most original of all the gifts presented to the baby.


Advantages of portable armchairs can be listed for a long time, but if select the most important, they are reliability and safety. Recliners are equipped with locking fasteners, hand-held handles, visors and educational toys. This chair is convenient to be taken along on the trip, it will teach the child to entertain himself.


Many of the models have relaxation, vibration and rock to sleep functions. Moreover, such a gift can serve as the first child table for feeding. The main thing when buying a deck chair to make sure that its shape is anatomically correct.

Night lamp

Another great gift to the newborn can be a night light with projector, which in the first months of baby’s life will contribute to the rapid fall asleep, and in the future will help to cope with night terrors.

Multifunction night lamps not only perform a gentle relaxing music, but project on the walls and ceiling your favorite fairy tale. At night, the projector will serve as a lamp, soft light of which does not interfere with a healthy and sound sleep. At least, such a gift will be interesting to a child up to five.

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