What to see in Copenhagen?

What to see in Copenhagen?

Deciding to visit Europe, you shouldn’t waste your time. You need to plan a possible route at the most important and interesting places.

What to see in Copenhagen

Walking through the Danish library and the longest pedestrian street

The first point in the plan is the “Black diamond”. This is the name of the Danish library. It was given to it thanks to the unique appearance of the structure. You should definitely to walk inside of it: in addition to books, there is plenty of interesting things.

If you remember, that it’s the homeland of Anderson, who will you meet on the beach? Of course, it’s The Little Mermaid, sitting on a stone and turned her gaze to the boundless sea.

Stroget street is still one of the most popular places in Copenhagen. It’s the longest pedestrian street in Europe. But it’s remarkable not only for this for tourists. There are a huge number of shops, restaurants, souvenir shops.

The city can be seen not only just by walking the streets, but also from the water. Sitting with a guide on a boat, during the trip through the channels (which is about a couple of hours) you can see all the main sights of Copenhagen.

The Tivoli garden and the oldest zoo

The garden Tivoli is a unique place. You can give vent to your desires here. There are many options for hiking in this wonderful place:

1. Wander through the garden;
2. Take a boat ride;
3. Explore the city from the Ferris wheel;
4. Visit the aquarium;

5. Just to sit in a cozy Danish restaurant.

The oldest European’s zoo is situated in Copenhagen. There is a very large number of different animals, but one of them will impress you the most. It’s a pink flamingo. Yes, this majestic bird is living here. You can feel in tune with nature by riding on a pony.

Unforgettable places to walk

Another option for touring is to rent a bike. You can ride it wherever you want. Museums, cafes and shops have a special fitted transport park, so not to worry.

In addition, you should visit the national gallery of Copenhagen. It’s comparable only, perhaps, with the St. Petersburg’s Hermitage. There is a huge number of exhibitions, both permanent and temporary ones. Cafes are around for those who gets tired quickly.

You should admire the Royal residence, called the Amalienbourg. By the way, guard is changing every day there. It’s very interesting to watch.

Nyhavn is a real fishing harbor, that you should definitely visit.

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