What to see in Paris?

What to see in Paris?

France – is the country, full of places of interest, that you will see at every step, even if they will be like an ordinary building or café at first glance. Not to mention different statues, parks or museums. And even after the monthly stay there, you won’t be able to fully “cover” all the French capital and see absolutely everything. So we suggest to prepare a list of places to visit.

What to see in Paris?

Eiffel tower

Of course, you should start with Eiffel tower. But it looks better in the evening, because right at this time, she is decorated with thousands of lights, and there is a feeling, that this tower is unearthly thing trapped here by accident. To watch this actions, go to Trocadero square. Locals assure, that it’s the best place to fully enjoy the Eiffel tower.

Notre Dame

But there will be, probably. a lot of time till evening, so go in the Sité direction. Because this island is the place, where another famous place of interest – Notre Dame – is situated. Look at the facades firstly. Because there are a lot of amazing small details there. And the you can move inside.


Are you interested in architecture? Then go to one of the most interesting and oldest parts of Paris – Le Marais. Only the French nobility has lived in some local houses (or mansions) here for centuries. Not less famous and rich people are living here now. Famous cardinal Richelieu took part in the creation.

Parks and “green” zones

You will get the peace, just walking through Paris parks or lying on the lawns, which are so carefully tended here. Even if you are travelling alone, assemble the basket with different snacks and French wine (just don’t forget to pour it from glass to plastic bottles, to avoid guards’ attention) and then go on a picnic to one of the local gardens. In fact, it doesn’t matter, what park to choose. You will enjoy it and feel calm in any case.


Of course, Louvre is one of places that you really should visit. And if you have to spend some time in a queue, you, probably, don’t have right to ignore the chance seeing the best museum in the world.

Cruise on the Seine

Finally, make a small cruise on the amazing Seine river. Come to the New Bridge in the evening to do this. By the way, it’s the oldest one in the entire Paris. There is a parking for small pleasure boats, that will show completely different Paris, here.

The individuality of the tour

It’s our guide for individual travelers, that we recommend to follow. Perhaps, the worst thing that can happen to you – spending all day long in the crowd of tourists. So while alone traveling, choose places in Paris, that are not so popular among guides. By the way, there are a lot of them there. An and they are not worse than “official” ones.

Enjoy your trip!

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