What to wear ballet flats with?

What to wear ballet flats with?

Favorite footwear of millions of women around the world is definitely ballet flats. These small, compact and very comfortable shoes fascinated fashionistas from all over with their simplicity and comfort. Every girl should have this universal type of footwear that is suitable for all occasions. Ballet flats are suitable, if not for all the ladies of all ages, but for many. They are very appropriate for work, walking, travel and everyday activities.

What to wear ballet flats with

Whom ballet flats fit?

Small lightweight shoes can be easily to worn by owners of slender long legs, skinny girls, as well as all those who are quite happy with their body shape and not overweight. At the same time the ladies who have extra weight, as well as those who cannot boast a slender legs should better give up ballet flats. The fact is that short or full legs will look visually shorter and fatter with ballet flats.

If your figure is not quite perfect, do not worry. It is enough to choose the right clothes that will remove the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity and skillfully combine outfit with ballet flats.

What to wear ballet flats with?

Consider the various options

1. Jeans. The classic combination of bright or black ballet flats with blue, dark blue or black jeans is appropriate in many cases. The best option, if the jeans are narrow and beautifully fitting shape. This will emphasize the slimness of legs and make an image harmonious. In color to ballet flats, you can choose a light shirt, tunic or blouse, and bag of similar color.
2. Shorts. The perfect summer look, in which there are ballet flats and short shorts will suit any girl happy with her figure. Very light and delicate outfit that are perfect for the hot days will be well padded with thin T-shirt, asymmetric tunic or shirt. All of these elements must somehow overlap with ballet flats, whether by color scheme, decor items or texture.
In this case, the legs will seem somewhat longer, so choose the right style of shorts that will not look ridiculous.
3. A long dress. Combination of ballet flats with light flowing dress to the floor looks gentle and romantic. In this case, it is important to choose the ballet flats of exact color like the dress and do not burden them with ornaments.
4. Leggings are perfectly combined with ballet flats and a long shirt or tunic.
5. Skirts. Skirt-bell, full circle skirt and others lush models can be combined very well with ballet flats. Together with ballet flats it is better to choose short or long, but necessarily voluminous skirt.

Direct and narrower model with ballet flats look bad.

What you should not wear ballet flats with?

This type of shoes is not always appropriate to be worn with business style clothing, especially with strict pantsuits.

A combination of narrow elongated skirts and straight dresses or long slacks with ballet flats looks ridiculous.

If in your wardrobe there are no ballet flats, be sure to get them, you will never regret it. Stunningly comfortable, lightweight and relevant in many cases of life, these shoes will be your favorite footwear.

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