What to Wear Hiking: For Beginners

What to Wear Hiking: For Beginners

Hiking is one of many great pass times. One might go hiking as a hobby, for a job or for fitness. Getting in touch with nature on a hike can be very pleasurable. If one is just starting out as a beginner, they must learn what to wear. Listed below are the basic necessities in apparel for your hiking trip.

What to Wear Hiking: For Beginners

FOOTWEAR. It is very important to choose good footwear when going hiking. There are also numerous things to consider before choosing your footwear. Are you going to be hiking on smooth trails or over rocky terrain? Are you going to hike across a riverbed or over drier ground? Either path you choose to hike, your best bet would be to wear hiking boots and a good pair of hiking socks. When hiking you need good support for your ankles and legs plus comfort is a big plus. Hiking boots can give you all of this when chosen correctly. has a multitude of hiking boots and shoes to choose from for the entire family.

SHIRTS. Considering what type of shirt to wear needs to be considered after reviewing a few concepts. If you are going to be hiking through the woods on a warmer day, you might want to choose a light weight long-sleeve shirt. This is to protect you from sun exposure and bugs while keeping from completely burning up in a hot shirt. Of course if it is cooler weather you might want to consider wearing long johns along with your outer apparel. A good place to find good hiking shirts for whatever the season is at:

BOTTOMS. Whether you are hiking in the heat or cold or on any terrain, choosing a good pair of bottoms to wear can be exhausting. In warmer weather some people might opt out for shorts, but for the best protection against the sun and bug exposure, a good pair of pants is the way to go. You can go all out and choose pants that have multiple pockets for carrying hiking goods or just a simple pair of pants. If you are hiking in colder areas, you might want to layer with a pair of long underwear. A good place to find hiking pants for the entire family is at:

HEADGEAR. Wearing a cap and/or bandana might be a good idea when venturing out on a hiking expedition. Caps and bandanas can keep the sun, rain and bugs off of your head and out of your eyes. Caps can also maintain those long locks of hair that might get in the way as you are enjoying your hike. A good cap or bandana can be purchased just about anywhere. If you are in colder areas with snow then of course you would want to wear a down hat that can protect you from wind and snow etc.

EYEWEAR. Eyewear can be an important apparel decision to make. People often choose to wear clear safety goggles while on their hikes to prevent bugs or debris from flying into the eyes. However if you are hiking in colder areas that contain snow, you will need a totally different pair of goggles to wear. Here is a good website to find goggles is at Amazon.coml

One of the important things to remember when going on a hike is that “Less is more”. Keep your clothing and accessories on the light side while maintaining the right items for the hiking enviroment. Accesories to take with you are also an important thing to consider. No matter what, know your environment and stay safe and enjoy the hiking experience while making lasting memories.

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