What to wear the slip-ons with?

What to wear the slip-ons with?

Youth, stylish and ultramodern slip-ons are on the top of the popularity in 2016. Proponents of sports and casual style cannot imagine everyday wardrobe without them, and some even do not realize how many benefits are fraught with such shoes.


Because of the bright design and dazzling white soles (in most cases) it is difficult not to notice the slip-ons – sneakers without laces, loafers with thick soles, sports ballet shoes, classic sneakers – they are called differently …

What are the slip-ones? Let’s make it clear

This is the kind of shoes for everyday use, which was invented back in 1977 by PaulVanDoren fashion house. It was focused only on men who were fond of surfing. Today slip-ons are a real trend, which promises to stay on the fashion scene, at least for a few seasons. They are produced by the brands with world famous names, such as Mother of Pearl, Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela, Prada, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Celine etc.

According to the standards, the upper part of the shoe should be made of canvas, but modern manufacturers are moving away from the traditional canons, using skin and fabric. There is no color limitation: in the summer and spring, bright, exotic, cartoon, geometric, and floral prints dominate. Solid-color models of black color on a white sole are no less popular.

To create an original image with slip-ons, it is important to choose the right clothes that will be not only comfortable, but also stylish.

Non classical trousers or ‘boyfriend’ jeans

Shortened jeans – worn skinny or loose boyfriend jeans – are the best option. The culmination of the sporty style will be the polo shirt or a bomber, when it’s getting cooler. One needs to choose the slip-ones in the spirit of the image – made of fabric, virtually indistinguishable from conventional sneakers.

If in the wardrobe there are only trousers of the classical length and of white, blue or black color, you should tuck them. Even a small tuck gives the image of originality and bare ankle looks sexy, without a hint of vulgarity. In addition to the trousers and jeans lady can choose a variety of light blouses with a fancy print or oversize sweaters. This image should be complemented with models in black or slip-ons decorated with original and colorful prints.


Slips look great with leather trousers, which 2-3 season back came in vogue and still have not lost their popularity.

An original alternative to jeans is shortened pipes-jeans; they now have almost gone out of fashion, but this solution is advantageous for any female figure as it emphasizes the advantages.

The overalls and shorts

The overalls of different kind continue the theme of the trousers. Regardless of the length of the leg, such overalls will enhance originally the beauty of the female figure by adding arrogance of youth to the image. monotonous and colorful shoes would be a perfect complement to jeans, leather and semiclassical models.

Sports brash image is suitable for outdoor look; it does not fit the evening or office style.

Such casual style tandem as shorts and slip-ones is relevant. The lace top and a bag (shoulder bag) will complement the set.

Skirts of different length, size and texture

Laconic form makes slip-ones the universal footwear. Their style is hard to define; in part they are athletic, kind of casual, and even a little classic. They will look equally well not only with the pants, but with skirts too. In choosing a style there are no restrictions: from the straight midi to short models of free cut. The ‘surfer slippers’ will also be combined showily with the pencil skirt in tandem with top and jacket (jumper). The jacket in sporty style or black leather jackets will add the zest.


Can the slip-ones be worn to the office? Of course! This is a great opportunity to give your feet a break from heels. The black leather slip-ons come in place of the pumps in a set of skirt and jacket. If the authorities establish a loyal framework dress code, you do not have to limit yourself in color.

Shirt-dress – the hit of the season

If such footwear can be worn with a skirt, it is not difficult to guess that it is suitable to the dress. Not to a simple but to the one between the styles. Slip-ons themselves are on the verge of styles, so dress should be in the style of an elongated shirt. It may be free and close-fitting, long or short.

For an evening of festive outing, the fashion designers recommend to opt for gold or silver shoes. Brilliant decor (sequins or stones) will lead even the most low-key minimalist dress to a qualitatively new level. A pair of bright shiny jewelry will complement the image. For a long flowing dress or skirt you should pick up a lush slip-ons with delicate lace decor.

If the subject of the event is easy and informal, and it is planned to conduct in the open air, you can afford a model with print. Especially, if it continues the print on the dress.

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