What to wear with louboutins?

What to wear with louboutins?

Shoes with red soles considered to be the sign of taste and elegance. Like many brilliant things, louboutins were created by accident, when Christian Louboutin saw the shoes in the hand of his assistant and red paint in another. And then the imagination has done its job…

What to wear with louboutins

The word “louboutins” is derived from the name of the designer of Louboutin. Apparently, the Russian ladies mispronounced the French name of the designer, and this word fixed in the lexicon. Louboutins come in various colors, but the most popular are: black, white, beige and red. In general, it can be any color, the main thing that was distinguishing mark – a red sole and a heel of 12 cm.

Red. Red louboutins are best to wear with clothes of white, beige or black. Moreover, red ones are those shoes that girl must have in her arsenal.

Black. It’s perfect for an office or business style. They will give the style a bit of rigor, but this will also create the boldness and mystery with the red soles.
White. Look too innocent and gentle. And, of course, they would be perfect for the bride image.

Beige. Beige shoes, as the top thing, should be had by every girl. They go well with jeans, midi and mini-skirts. Because of its discreet colors you can create all kinds of images in different styles using them.

The louboutins are perfectly combined with things in the style of rock, punk or casual. Stilettos are best suited for office style. And louboutins with sequins or rhinestones will be an excellent option for a hike in the club, bar or any other event. They are so unique that would be appropriate for secular shows, romantic dates, theater or work.

Scarlet or red louboutins always create bright accent to the image, therefore, you need to ensure that other clothes shade louboutins, and they are not very gaudy or bright, thus diverting attention.

You can easily create the image of the rock-diva or grunge-star of the ‘ 90s using leather jackets, tight jeans or leather dresses, but in this case you should avoid casual things and baggy styles.

The stars often use the services of Louboutin themselves, in order to make individual shoes for a particular performance. But if there is a question about the purchase of such shoes, then you better think twice about the price. It is clear that it’ll be a huge mistake to buy louboutins for 5 000. It’s a fake. Real brand louboutins cost from $400.

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