What you’ve got to see in Amsterdam

What you’ve got to see in Amsterdam

There is much talk about the sights of the city. Almost every building in the city is a museum.

Amsterdam by night

With regard to classical museums, they are also quite widespread in Amsterdam. Think about Van Gogh and Rembrandt museums, museums of the famous artists of the Renaissance. Stedelijk Museum of Contemporary Art. The ‘historical’ exposition can be found in Amsterdam Historical Museum.

Dutch painting of the Renaissance can be seen in Rijksmuzeum, the building, which itself is a work of architecture. In the same building the crafts exhibition is exposed (works made of precious metals, the famous Delphic porcelain and Asian collection of works). You can learn about the history of the Netherlands in the east wing of the museum. But the most famous work of the museum is ‘Night Watch’ by Rembrandt, which was created on the order of organization of urban guild shooters. A great artist haв lived in Amsterdam for many years, so there is a monument to Rembrandt on the square named after him, and the house where he lived now houses a museum. The paintings by three other famous artists such as F. Hals, J. Steen, and Vermeer are on the display in the Rijksmuzeum.

Metropolis Museum is a kind of non-standard architectural design. It was designed in the form of a large ship, which anchored in the port of Amsterdam.
The plant collection can be viewed at the Museum of the Tropics. And those who love beer can participate in the process of its production at the ‘Heineken’ company and at the Museum of Beer.
All the most beautiful buildings of Holland can be seen in a miniature version, made with all certainty, in the park of miniatures ‘Madurodam’. This museum is located in the suburbs of Amsterdam. Many interesting things can be seen at the Museum of vintage barges and in the Kitten Kabinet.

Smaller shops also have their own charm. Here you can see how the owner of the store produces soap. On the streets you can still see organ grinders and street names speak for themselves: a fabulous quarter of Mirrors, romantic street, called ‘Four Winds’ and funny bridge Three herrings.

In Amsterdam there are many cathedrals of the Gothic and Renaissance cultural periods: Old church, New, Southern and Western Church.
The Old church is a masterpiece of Gothic art. Nieuwe Kerk, or New Church, is a place of the monarchs’ coronation. The ‘West’ is a place of Rembrandt’s burial. The ‘South’ church is famous for the fact that the first Protestant prayers were held in it.

It is necessary to tell about one more sight such the city’s water channels. It is not known how many canals, bridges and islands exactly there are in Amsterdam.

During the construction of the city, its first streets were surrounded by the channels. With the expansion of the city borders, people started to build houses on the other bank.

At any time of day and year the channels fascinate with their beauty. In the morning and in the evening they are painted into warmly pink color and the green one during the day. In the winter they freeze over and transform into ice rinks; and in the summer the boats race through them, trams and boats from which you can enjoy the architectural masterpieces of Amsterdam slowly sail.

The night life is also busy, as well as the day and is also a tourist attraction at some point. Everyone knows liberal attitude to soft drugs and sexual minorities in Amsterdam. Therefore, there is the mass of establishments to suit all tastes.

All mentioned above attract tourists from all over the world to this beautiful city.

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