Which Smartphone Case?

Which Smartphone Case?

Smartphones are great until they break. Thousands get smashed or damaged every day, one way or another, so take good care of yours! The best way is to protect it with a smartphone case. But which type? New designs are springing up left, right and centre and the choice has become mind-boggling. But here are some pointers to help.

Which Smartphone Case


Look at cases within your spending range. Remember that it is only a phone case – not a life-saving pill or a diamond ring. Besides, you might lose it, or spill red wine over it – who knows? Then you’d have to buy a replacement, so a low-cost product might be wise. But there’s plenty of choice at every price level.


Check your phone size and reduce your cover search to ones suitable for those dimensions. The last thing you want is a gorgeous case you can’t use. Some phones may fit a range of cases; others may not. You’ll also want one that’s easy to slide on and off but can be fastened securely. If possible, try it before buying.

Simplicity versus complexity

Think whether you want a simple case with no frills, or a bright one, or even a multi-featured contraption. If it’s a plain, no-nonsense design you’re after, you may need to look hard, but such covers do exist, in various colours. If it’s an eye-catcher or a multi-purpose product you want, browse the numerous options, remembering your price limit. Do you want a case with a game on the back or a joke on the front? Do you prefer shiny or fluffy, streamlined or chunky, or a cover shaped like a fruit or an animal? Do you like cute or weird; funny or cool? Then there are multi-use covers to consider. How about a case that’s also a wallet, a diary or a pencil case, for instance? Think carefully. A multi-purpose item could prove burdensome.


If it’s fun you’re after, there’s no shortage of possibilities with a smartphone case. There’s every kind of entertainment on offer in the design range from crazy faces to cuddly toys, as well as miniature games to play. But perhaps you want something slick and mature, or striking, or a design that fits with your bag or coat. The more you can narrow down the field, the easier your choice will be.


Remember that the purpose of your case is to protect your phone, so choose one that will do the job properly. A phone can easily slip out of your hand, so you might want a non-slip fabric for its case. You’ll also want something robust enough to save it from shattering. If you’re likely to get it wet, seek out a waterproof one. If it’s likely to get mixed up with other people’s cases, go for something out of the ordinary.


Your smartphone case may be the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing at night, too. It’ll also be with you all through the day – every day. Bear these facts in mind when choosing your design, and make sure it’s one you can stick with. Never mind whether it fits your friends’ tastes. It’s yours that matters. If there’s a particular colour that speaks to you, or a pattern you can’t take your eyes off, make a bee-line for that, provided you’ve considered all other relevant factors.

Half the appeal of a phone case is the choosing of it. Scroll down the online displays for the sheer fun of them before homing in on the one that’s for you. Once you’ve bought the item, put it on your phone and find a handy but safe place to keep it. Protect the case that protects your phone, and you’ll be fine!

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