Which TV to choose: plasma or LCD?

Which TV to choose: plasma or LCD?

Modern appliances, in addition to its main purposes, also become an element of interior. Selecting among a large variety of options you should pay attention to the capabilities of the purchased device.

Which TV to choose plasma or LCD

Choosing a new TV, the buyer is facing with a problem: what to prefer – a plasma or LCD TV.

Let’s consider the peculiarities of the structures and some characteristics of these devices.

The main advantage of plasma TV is a great picture quality with excellent depth of color. The success is achieved because plasma panels use small cells. That work as a micro kinescope, and glow with its original colors. The cells are formed into groups, and groups create elements of the picture. Frame changing is happening smoothly, without flicker. The result is fascinating.

Currently, plasma TV is presented with a large model range with diagonals of 80 inches. In addition to a slim body, the viewing angle is about 160 degrees. Due to the lack of the electromagnetic fields, there are less dust on the screen. Many model are equipped with a special connector to connect PC or laptop.

The average lifespan of plasma – for about twenty years

There are also some disadvantages. The price – is the main one for the buyer. Plasma TV is expensive. And it’s also too heavy. Some models are about 90 kg. Purchasing this product, consider the location and method of secure attachment. When choosing plasma TV, you must consider one more important feature of the screen: with long-term reproduction of a static image, some cells can be broken. It’s reflected by glowing with another color or no glowing at all, which is both unacceptable for the audience.

In LCD TVs liquid crystal are used for creating pictures. It allows to save on energy consumption. And the cost of the LCD TV is much less. There is no problem with static images, but also the quality is worse.

Let’s consider the advantages of LCD TVs. This technology allows to significantly reduce the cost of device in comparison with plasma. Energy efficiency is higher, which is especially important with rising energy pricing. Along with a confident displaying of static images, low noise improves the comfortability of viewing TV channels. Lifespan of LCD TVs is almost two times more than the plasma.

Among the significant disadvantages you should pay attention to reduced contrast and poor saturation of the black color. However, if you watch TV in a lit room, these nuances are hardly noticeable. Dimensions and viewing angles are less than in the plasma. Although manufactures are working now on LCD TVs with a diagonal of 80 inches.

The conclusion: if you need a TV, that will serve for decades, and the picture quality is not to important, buy an LCD TV. For moviegoers and connoisseurs – plasma TV is an obvious choise.

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