White sofa in the interior

White sofa in the interior

Some 30 years ago it was a common knowledge that the brighter is interior decoration, the better. Being influence by the fashion trends, most of apartments looked as follows: bright orange or turquoise wallpaper with a large geometric pattern, glass interior doors, bulky furniture with almost invisible legs, family photos on the walls, numerous mirrors. All these were considered to be very stylish and attractive. Times have changed, and now this variant of interior design seems to be completely tasteless. Another kind of furniture has replaced bulky wall unit – a compact, neat and sole-colored. And white sofas have recently become especially popular.

White sofa in the interior

Advantages of using a white sofa in the interior:

– a white sofa is an irreplaceable part of modern, classical, Scandinavian and minimalist styles;
– it’s quite a pictorial element of the interior, without being annoying, distracting or causing negative emotions;
– a sofa of white, cream or beige shades looks aristocratic, stylish and expensive.

What combination of white sofas?

White or cream-colored sofas perfectly match the walls of milk chocolate color. This “edible” combination can be complemented with bright colors – orange, lemon, light green.

As part of the ecological style, such sofa will look great on the background of natural shades wallpaper and dark carpeting.
White sofa in the living room interior

A living room, decorated in light shades, looks cozy and invites to communicate. Taking the leading position in the room, a white sofa should match other interior elements as much as possible.

This doesn’t mean that the whole room should look sterile and snow-white. If you decided to use white as the background color, it’s absolutely necessary to dilute it with other shades, contrasting or bright. For example, to the minimalist style interior you can add black, dark grey and other cold colors. In order to create the warmer atmosphere in the living room, use bright and colorful decorations: picture frames, curtains, carpeting, books, and so forth.

White sofa in the kitchen interior

White sofa will look great both in a spacious and in a small kitchen. In order to save space, semicircular sofas or corner models will be perfect for a small kitchen. Because of the quite a high probability of pollution in this room, it’s advisable to choose a sofa with soil-resistant upholstery, which easily withstands wet cleaning. Ideally, if it will be leather or faux leather.

How to choose a right white sofa?

– It’s advisable that leather should be used as upholstery. The cost of this sofa is pretty high, but it will last longer.
– Together with a white sofa a removable cover should be sold. This thing is irreplaceable, if there are children or animals in the house.
– Since a sofa very often takes a leading position in the room interior, it should match the chosen style of the room decoration as well as possible.

A white sofa – is a universally applicable thing, because it can easily be used for experimenting in stylistic trends of interior decoration. Proper care and delicate treatment will prolong its working lifespan. Regardless the chosen interior decoration type, such sofa will give a room a special atmosphere of luxury and at the same time of fireside comfort and warmth.

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