Why does the baby cry?

Why does the baby cry?

Why does the baby cry? This question is confusing to most newly moms and dads. Today we will try to reveal the main causes of this phenomenon, as well as offer you some useful tips.

Why does the baby cry

What is the baby crying for?

Why is the parental ear cut by the newborn crying? The fact is that in ancient times, this strong and sharp signal was necessary for the survival of the baby. Our ancestors faced many dangers, and minute delay could cost lives. Wise nature has decreed that the child’s cry encourages parents to look for and eliminate potential problems. This information is stored in the genes of modern humans, and that is why no mother can accept the emotional outbursts and cries of beloved offspring.

Nowadays, people tend to do everything so that the newborn baby feels comfortable and convenient. The kids are under the watchful eye of adults and their health from the first minute of life is closely watched by doctors. Moreover, when the conscious young men are preparing to become parents, they often learn a lot of useful literature and attend specialized courses. Unfortunately, the theoretical information does not always help them cope with the real problems of everyday life. So, what can be linked to a child crying and how to react to it? Consider the most common causes.

The baby is hungry

This is the first thought that comes to mind of a young mother. Indeed, the child cannot tolerate hunger and thirst for even a short time. He instantly reacts to the needs of the organism and rapidly requires his breakfast or lunch.

If a few decades ago, doctors argued that the baby needs to be fed by the regime, then now this point of view is abandoned. So do not wait for a certain time, and put your baby to the breast at the first request. So you can avoid unnecessary problems and keep calm.

Sometimes there are situations when the newborn continues to cry even after feeding. If there are no other apparent reasons for crying, then make sure that your baby is really full. Perhaps it is not enough of milk for him, and he just wants some more. Very often this need is shown in the evening and at night. It can be very easy to check the current version. Decant breast milk using a breast pump and make sure that it is enough to feed the baby. If you see that the usual portion is too low then feed up the baby with formula milk from a bottle. The exact dosage and baby food brand you should check with your pediatrician.

If you were getting ready to become a mom or dad, you’ve probably heard about the phenomenon, which is called lactation crisis. This period begins after about three and six months after the birth of a baby. Breast milk changes its composition to meet the growing needs of the little man. And it is during these periods of life it becomes smaller, and young parents often fall into despair. For those who want to keep breastfeeding, experts recommend to be patient and continue to give the breast to the baby, while the level of the milk returns to its normal. Some doctors offer to make stocks of milk in advance, as long as it is abundant. Keep this valuable product in special sealed bag in the freezer and reach for it as needed.


Why else the baby might be hungry? Often there are situations when the young mother improperly put the baby to the chest or clumsily hold him in the arms.

Some women face the problem of small or flat nipples. In this case, the baby can take the breast properly and remains hungry. In this case, the problem will be solved with the help of the consultants on breastfeeding. Such services or experts are in practically every town. In addition, they can be accessed via the Internet or by phone. After the consultation you will be able to figure out how to solve the problem and gain the necessary skills.

The baby has a stomach ache

Baby colic is a real headache for the young parents. This phenomenon is a lot written and said about, but effective way to deal with the problem, unfortunately, still does not exist. The fact that there is still not scientifically proven where does the pain come from and whether it exists at all. So you’ll just have to endure a difficult period, which lasts about three months. The specialists say that most of the methods to help the baby exist only for complacency of young moms and dads which cannot sit and wait while their child is crying loudly. And yet, how to help your child if he has a tummy ache?

First, make regular gentle massage of the abdomen, arms and legs. You can learn proper movements from a specialist, or learn more about them at the pediatrician. Do not forget to shift the baby on his stomach, as well as use a regular fitball for the gymnastics. Thus, you can stimulate the bowels and relieve it of unnecessary gases.

Second, review your menu, if the child is breastfed. Avoid foods that cause flatulence and constipation. To do this, you will have to temporarily abandon the crude fiber and bran. If a baby is fed with artificial formulas, try to change the manufacturer.

Why does the baby cry

Regularly check the baby’s bowel movements. If the baby had constipation immediately consult a doctor. Perhaps the child will be appointed an enema or offered a new nutrition system. Remember that an enema is best done under the supervision of a nurse or use modern medicines for this purpose. Necessary precautions will eliminate the possibility of mechanical damage to the child’s bowel and keep his health in general.

Special medical syrups or folk remedies can be used for quick removal of gases. Tea made from dill seeds or fennel can be brewed by your own, and purchased in pharmacies where a professional pharmacist will prepare the medicine. Some medicines can be taken from the early days, and some after the baby is at least one month.

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