Why does the baby cry?

Why does the baby cry?


Some moms are so afraid of a neurologist that postpone the hospital visit or try to avoid the recommendations. This is a big mistake, as the doctor usually sends the baby on the ultrasound, and then studies the results and offers treatment. In some cases, the reason for the constant crying of baby can be pressure, which is removed by simple medicines. So do not miss the examinations and follow the advice of the doctor.


Any mom tries to surround her baby with care and love. Even during pregnancy, she knits him warm clothes, sews vests and prepares a cozy room.

The desire to warm and protect the newborn from any draft is so clear and natural, that does not call even the slightest criticism. However, remember that everything is good in moderation and try not to overdo it.

Dress the baby according to the weather, but do not let him sweat. Otherwise, you risk not only to hear his outcry but to become the victim of the colds.


Air the apartment and do cleaning regularly. Be sure to buy a room thermometer and humidity gauge. So you can maintain a comfortable conditions in the baby’s room.

The cause of the discomfort may be dirty diapers. Some of them do not absorb child’s urine and the bowel movements that lead to inflammation or skin abrasions. Therefore, buy several kinds of necessary hygiene items and find a suitable empirically.

Do not use nappies, even if all-knowing grandmother insists on it. Firstly, it is not hygienic, and secondly, this practice can lead to the baby dermatitis. Reusable diapers are not useful to you in the first three to six months for the same reasons.

Emotional state

The baby is very sensitive to the state of mind of his mother. If the parent is angry, feels hurt or angry, the child immediately responds to negative emotions by screaming or crying. So take care of yourself, think about the good and try to be calm. To do this, it is important to keep the daily routine and eat in time. Young mother must necessarily sleep in the day at least two hours and as long as possible at night. Do not try to take on all the housework and child care. Be sure to distribute the duties among all family members. Ask grandparents to help you as far as possible, and ask the husband to take over part of the homework. Such an approach will not only help to calm the child, but also to avoid the appearance of post-natal depression.


In the first months every newborn is under the special supervision of a pediatrician and a nurse. Parents should closely monitor the child’s health and report about all anxiety symptoms to the medical professionals. Fever, vomiting, change in bowel movements, poor appetite, or appearance of sores on the skin should not be overlooked. Strong and long cry may signal that the child is not feeling well or has something hurting.

The first teeth

It is believed that the first teeth appear in the baby at about six months. But in practice, the process can begin even during the first month of life. A small percentage of infants are born with one or more teeth. If you cannot find the cause of a baby crying, then carefully check his gums. Remove the pain and swelling you can with the help of special gels, which are sold in any drugstore.

The fourth trimester of pregnancy

This term US doctors call the first three months of baby’s life. What does it mean? As you remember, some young animals are born strong and can even survive in the wild due to instincts. Some of them within a few hours of the birth can get on their feet and react to the appearance of predators or any other danger. The children are helpless, as during the uterine period primarily the brain is formed. Therefore, a newborn needs adult care and assistance. In order to facilitate the child first months of life, it is necessary to create conditions for him to remind him of life in the mother’s abdomen. How can you do that? American Harvey Karp has an idea.

Swaddle the crying child. Consider the position in which the baby was during the prenatal period. His arms and legs were tightly pressed, and the amniotic fluid was around. Swaddling helps him feel secure and fall asleep fast.

The fourth trimester of pregnancy

Create a ‘white noise’. While the child is in the mother’s abdomen, he always hears other sounds. But they are heard not too clear and resemble dull noise.

So soothe a crying baby with a very simple way – take him in the arms (he should be in a prone position) and ‘hiss’ quietly in his ear.

The baby instantly switches to a familiar sound, stops crying and starts to listen. Surprisingly, children often calm down when they hear the noise of a vacuum cleaner or tuning radio.

Rock the baby. This movement will calm the child and help him sleep. In addition, the child will feel safe if he feels an emotional connection with his mother. Remember that you can shake a child not only on the hands, but also in a cradle or a safe swing. Such a device can be purchased in a store with children’s products or made by your own.

How to understand why does the baby cry? Unfortunately, nobody can give you a precise answer for this question. However, after a few weeks you will unmistakably define it by yourself, using a special ‘sixth’ sense. So please be patient and try to spend more time to communicate with your baby.

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