Why girls want to get married?

Why girls want to get married?

Probably, every little girl dreams of becoming a bride. A grown up girl usually asks herself a question: “am I ready for being a wife and a mother?” Each of the representatives of the fair sex has her own opinion on the subject. Some emancipated personalities appreciate their freedom too much and yet do not want to see a permanent life partner by their side, others are quite content with relations with no strings attached. However, most “marriageable” girls, when meeting a man of worth, start to think of coupledom, sealed with a piece of paper.

Why girls want to get married

Why girls want to get married?

– A wish to be a guardian of the hearth, a wife and a mother. The most correct position. It’s inherent in the very nature that a man should be a breadwinner and a woman – a guardian of her home, a faithful companion and a good mother for shared children. And although nowadays girls often possess the equal rights with the representatives of the sterner sex, one cannot win over the natural instinct. A wish to take care of the closest and most beloved people, to settle a family nest, experience grief and joy shoulder to shoulder with one’s soulmate is quite natural and understandable.

– “It’s time!” When all the classmates, friends and neighboring peers have already tied the Hymen knot, an unmarried girl may start asking herself quite a natural question: “what’s wrong with me?” It so happened in our society that if an educated, pretty and aware of her worth girl is not married until she is 30, then she is ill-tempered, too arrogant or has her “skeletons in the closet”.

Any family gatherings together with caring aunts, grand mothers and cousins end up with a question: “when are you going to invite us to your wedding?” Girls, capable of answering laconically and in plain, in future nip such kind of curiosity in the bud. Gentle and unassured representatives of the fair sex, after facing this kind of indelicacy even from the relatives, begin to self-chastise in attempts to find their own downsides. And if a freckled and short neighboring guy with good career prospects caused no affection before, now a girl, being afraid of staying unmarried, starts evaluating the chances to marry him. Often such family relations are built according to “love comes with habit” principle.

– A wish to act as a bride at least once in life – it’s in a feminine way. A wedding dress, wedding flowers, champagne splashes, special attention to her personally – is there a woman who doesn’t dream of it? Attempts to bring these dreams to life at any cost often lead to spontaneous and hasty marriages, which often end up with complete disappointment.

– A trivial convenience. Often girls rush to marry a rich “prince” capable of providing them with a life of ease. Sometimes, a girl simply has to marry a fortune, because of her social standing. Such marriages have a right to exist, but wealth and luxury not always can become a good substitution for a common family happiness.

There shouldn’t always be an obvious reason to get married. The close-knit families are built upon mutual love, faith, care and respect. To meet “her” person, with whom she will be able to go hand in hand alongside all the family life with dignity – is the great luck for every girl.

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