Woman’s laughter defines sexual temperament

Woman’s laughter defines sexual temperament

All the women laugh differently, because each of them has a different character. Her laughter helps a man to choose a strategy in his own behavior with a woman! So, if you had made chosen woman laugh (preferably a few times – it’s for the accuracy of the experiment), then opened the important part of her character and sexual temperament.

Woman’s laughter defines sexual temperament

Loud, shrill laughter

Such woman is almost always in a good mood. Men like her, she seems easy, carefree and without problems. But this does not mean that by showing her finger and making her laugh with some funny jokes, it is already possible to force the issue and move on to the sexual activity. Patience and the lack of rudeness on your part, will lead you to the target.

Quiet, almost silent laughter

Such laughter sometimes cannot be called laughter at all. Only the eyes turned into slits give laughter of a strong woman with a difficult character. She always estimates you even when laughing, deciding for herself whether she will go with you or not. Eyeing carefully, but, in most of cases, she would say ‘no’ than ‘yes’. It is difficult to find a lover, and, moreover, her husband. But the situation is not hopeless.

Excited laughter, with five fingers grasping any part of the face

This woman remained a little girl inside, with inexhaustible reverie and curiosity. As a teenager, she used to skip classes and kissed the boys in ‘dangerous’ areas, risking to be caught. With her, you will, most likely, have spontaneous and passionate sex. Comfort of the place where she finds passion is not important. However, be on the alert, fidelity is not her strong point.
Giggles and laughs, bowing her head

Very nice and kind creature, behaves friendly with everybody. She is trusted the problems by many, and you wonder how she has understood you so quickly! In sex she does not go to the contact at once, because trusts not everyone. But, if believed, she would give herself to the partner completely. And it’s not so bad.
Laughter with a fairly wide-open mouth that shows all her teeth

This is a very willful, temperamental and creative person. She does not care what they say about her appearance or actions. She cannot be specified what to do, and what not to do. In this case, she will send you to the ‘black list’. Get ready for the fact that she can go away and come at any time, when she would like to.

Laughing wrinkles her nose

In such a way natural blondes laughs, as a rule. Woman with the eyes full of childish naiveté, but is dancing to her own drum. She wishes beautiful courtship, at the same time promising with hints the fireworks of passion in bed. No matter how hard you dream of implementing of all the poses of the ‘Kama Sutra’ with her, she prefers a quiet traditional sex.
Moans, squeaks when laughing

The character of this woman is very secretive; she won’t tell you something about herself at once. It is necessary to study her all the time. But that’s why she is interesting, because you will always have a desire to learn about her as much as possible. Externally it’s hard to define what she is like in bed. Passion and sexual temperament will manifest with a man who has hooked her with something, and with who she is interested.

Gives a neighing as a horse

Character is overbearing. She will take her course in any case, and especially in sex. Having jumped on you, and satisfied herself in bed, she can do her own affairs, without noticing that you were out of work, frustrated and miserable.

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