Women’s clutches: types and features

Women’s clutches: types and features

No modern woman is complete without a handbag. It’s possible to allocate a large number of types of this accessory but clutch is the most refined and romantic, without any doubt.

Women’s clutches types and features

What is women’s clutch?

A clutch is a small handbag, worn by hand or over the shoulder on a thin strap or a chain. This accessory became fashionable in the first half of the twentieth century. It’s considered only a supplement to evening toilet for a long time. Now, by picking the right color, material, shape and style, clutch may be used in the daytime.

Women’s clutches: the main varieties

There are several varieties of such handbags:

• The classical rectangular clutch;
• Envelope clutch;
• Cigarette case – clutch;
• Shaped clutch;
• Plum;
• Clutch on a chain.

1. Classical rectangular clutch looks great at any time. The diversity is so great that there are no problems while choosing one for any style and occasion. Solid, black or beige clutch without unnecessary decorative elements can be a great and versatile thing in a woman’s wardrobe. It can be made of genuine leather (crocodile, calf, stingray or python), or artificial suede, fur or satin. Lacquer models are also very popular. Classic women’s clutches look great with evening dresses or simply business clothes.

2. The envelope clutch is more casual option. It’s a little bit bigger, made from soft material, goes well with the simple clothes: jeans, blazers and pullovers.

3. Cigarette case – clutch (jewelry box) – is the smallest type of women’s handbags. Such models are used in celebrations or parties. It can have various decorative elements: rhinestones and sequins, beads and zipper, studs and spikes, embroidery or ribbons. They are made of leather or plastic (colored or transparent).

4. Shaped accessory. It has dimensions of a classic clutch, but an unusual form, for example, of butterfly or flower, fish or star, shell or heart-shapes, musical instrument or books, or any geometric shapes (triangle, trapezoid, cube) etc. It goes well with summer cloths: long sundresses, short skirts or shorts. The object can be made of leather or jeans, generally in bright colors.

5. Plume is a small women’s clutch made from soft materials with one short loop. Such models are conveniently worn on the wrist, they are relevant at the evening events and during the daytime.

6. Clutch on a chain, sometimes s thin strap is used. One of the most convenient models, worn on shoulder, leaving hands free. A universal model for all occasions.

Tips on how to select a women’s clutch

1. Clutch is a thing within a sight, so it must be always clean, and if it not expensive, it must look like that.
2. You wear this accessory most of time in your hands, so remember abou the manicure – it need to be perfect.
3. The clutch is a small handbag, so don’t fill it with many things, otherwise it will ugly ridge.
4. Clutch is a universal thing, but doesn’t look great with sports clothes.

Clutch – is a women’s accessory and it’s essential for any age, it can make more stylish even the most inconspicuous image!

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