Women’s fears: what are women afraid about?

Women’s fears: what are women afraid about?

Women are called “the stronger sex” in recent times, because they are able to keep that all on their shoulders – husband, children, work problems. But nobody thinks about that fact, that they are hiding their true self and don’t open soul completely. Women are often pursued by their fears, that people are used to be silent about or talk only to closest friends. What are women’s fears? Let’s find out.

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The fear of never getting married

Many of your friends are already married and quite happily live a family life. But you are still single. Men don’t notice you behind your beauty and success and the relationships don’t go beyond a light affair. Why is this happening? The main problem often is a woman herself, because she overestimates requirement to the candidates for a husband. But there are no perfect men, each of them has his own disadvantages, you just need to accept. Look around, maybe there is one nearby.

Fear for children

The reason of this fear is a maternal instinct and it’s completely normal. After all, who, but the mother, worries the most about the children. Who doesn’t sleep night waiting for them to come home?

The fear of old age

You think that “old age makes nobody more beautiful” and dreaded of retirement. Do you think that nobody will want you in pension age? But there is something to argue about. Leaving on a deserved retirement many women start looking more attractive and happy about their life, because there is more time now to go shopping or to beauty salons. Women just blossom at this age. The main thing – not to give up on yourself prematurely.

Fear of gaining weight after childbirth

This fear is common for many women, because it’s often hard to recover after gaining weight. Giving birth to a child, woman devotes all her time to him, simply forgetting to eat normally, preferring a snack or something sweet. Such diet can harm not only you, but for you baby too, because he’ll get it with mother’s milk.

Fear of male infidelity

It’s a fear of all women. It’s so hard to survive treason and betrayal. It’s difficult to cope with this fear, but still possible. Try not to cheat yourself and not to imagine non-existent picture. Pockets, phone, correspondence and social networks checking may only spur feeling of jealously.


Starting a new business, you are overcome with a sense of insecurity in your own abilities and think that changes won’t lead to anything good. But those who’s afraid mistaking, will never achieve success. You need to go and meet new challenges by overcoming over your fears.

Fear of the parents

Parents want their children to be the best, so they give instructions throughout life. Because of this, it’s difficult for woman to talk about her failures. The fear of showing themselves not from the best hand is beginning from the childhood, when parents start asserting themselves with the help of children, requiring them to be perfect in everything. It’s not easy to overcome such things, and sometimes even impossible. But you still need to gain strength and tell your parents no to judge you strictly, because they also had failures in their childhood.

You should fight with your fears, no matter how hard it is. Getting rid of them, you’ll look at the world with different eyes, full of happiness.

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