Women’s hairstyles for round face

Women’s hairstyles for round face

A woman’s hairstyle emphasizes her mood, her inner condition, as well as makes the image complete. The choice of a haircut and hairdo depends on the face shape, and length, structure and type of the hair.

Women’s hairstyles for round face

What else should be taken into consideration?

Girls with round faces quite often have a number of complexes regarding their appearance. However, using the right hairstyle, girls with such facial type can easily conceal the drawbacks. To do this, you should stick to several rules:

– to make the face look visually smaller, you should prefer high hairstyles and haircuts, resembling a cone. In the cheeks area, the hair volume should be as small as possible, and on the contrary, at the top it should be larger;

– the parting shouldn’t be in the middle. Straight geometric bangs are forbidden, it’s preferable to choose a slanting one. You can try to do a straight bang, but it’s better if it will be up to the middle of the forehead. In this case, it would be more attractive to profile the ends;

– if you have curly hair, you’d better avoid short haircuts;

– the best options for the round face are straight, smooth hair. If you need to create additional volume, using some strands, then, it’s preferable to start curing the hair below the cheekbones;

– multi-layered hairstyles will help to deflect attention away from the large face. To create such an effect, the layered haircut is used.

Short haircuts

It’s recommended to do such haircuts no higher or lower than the cheekbones and cheeks level. The bang, just like the haircut in general, should have no straight lines. It’s better if it will have ragged edges or intense thinning; a slight negligence in hair styling is acceptable as well. The hair, cut at the top, with the front strands being below the cheekbones, will also make the face look longer. Bobcat haircut can be an example.

“Pixie” haircut is also considered to be a universally-applicable. It is even shorter than Bobcat. Here, it’s important not to leave any strands close to the cheekbones and ears. If you follow all the recommendations, your neck will look longer and cheeks – not so round.

Medium hair length

If you have the medium long hair, it is subject to the same rules here. Layered haircuts will be very appropriate. Longer version of Bobcat haircut will be suitable. Here, it’s important to cut the hair short at the top. You should never curl inward the hair ends around your face.

You can try and make Blunt bob haircut, but in this case, there should be no bang. Moreover, keep in mind to avoid straight edges. The hair around your face should be slightly longer than at the back.

What can one create for long hair?

If we talk about long hair, the high tail will be a perfect option. The main thing is not to tighten the hair too much hair, and you can even leave a few loosen strands.

If a woman prefers unfastened hair, then, the strands shouldn’t be of the same length. Moreover, you can only curl the hair ends, to create waves but not distinct curls.
Braids are still trendy. You will be on the safe side, if prefer to braid any kind of them. The main thing is to avoid making tight braids.

There is no universally-applicable hairstyle and haircut. Any woman, no matter what face type she has, should take other factors into account as well. It’s necessary to try to find the “golden mean”, which would at the same time be both pleasant and comfortable.

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