Women’s hairstyles for short hair

Women’s hairstyles for short hair

Beautiful, well-chosen hairstyle is the key to full, complete image. Nicely cut hair can completely change a person’s appearance, correct facial imperfections and emphasize the dignity. Women’s passion for constant change makes short hairstyles incredibly popular, year after year, their popularity is growing. But it cannot be said that women’s haircuts for short hair never change; brilliant stylists constantly make adjustments to the fashion trends, updating hairstyle technology.


The concept of short haircuts is quite loose, but at the hairdresser industry hairstyles for short hair range from extremely short length of 1 cm to 20 cm. That is, even the length of the hair reaching the chin line can be called short.

Haircut trends of fall 2016

Judging by the photo, fashionable women’s haircuts are the easiest way to create a stylish image. This type of hairstyle, if successfully chosen, can suit any lady, regardless of her age, face shape or hair quality.


As for fashion trends for short hair of coming autumn, they continue the main trends that have been voiced in the past season. Leading positions again hold hairstyles with a male character, in other words ‘a boy-like’; this fall, the supplement of such hairstyle by thick or jagged bangs will be fashionable.

Men’s style in the hair is able to give a charm to the young girls and older ladies can significantly rejuvenate thanks to such haircut. To owners of short cuts could avoid being monotonous, we can recommend different options for hair styling – a creative mess; the hair completely brushed to one side, or back.

Classic short haircuts of upcoming autumn

As a rule, if a woman has decided to change radically, then the easiest way to make this desire is a haircut. Women’s hairstyles for short hair give some uniqueness and prettiness. Moreover, the bearers of such hairstyles discover unlimited possibilities to experiment, because short hair is perfect for all kinds of styling, also you can easily change hair color. Among the most popular short haircuts of upcoming autumn there are the following options:


1. Blunt bob is hairstyle, which can be named one of the most popular. The last 30-35 years, it does not lose its positions; the autumn 2016 is not an exception. This season, as in the previous year, the world’s stylists have not lost interest in the short bob because this hairstyle allows them to play with the shape and length. The slightest change in the length of the hair can completely change the image of women.

Straight bob with bangs. Short hair with length to the earlobe with a thick bangs, made with blunt-cut is the trend of coming autumn. With regard to the length of bangs, it may be different either below the eyebrows or above.

Blunt bob with beveled elongated bangs or without it is still in demand in 2016. It looks great both on direct and on wavy hair. Photos of fashionable women’s haircuts show that the hair tips rectified with the help of modeling gel, give special fresh emphasis to the bob.


Blunt bob on curly, wavy hair. Experienced hairdressers say that curly hair is not a hindrance to choose a blunt bob hairstyle. On the contrary, in the current season careless, tousled hair is the trend. This fall, the most popular option of the blunt bob is straight hair at the roots and curls at the tips. In order to transform this form of hair, it is enough to use a small amount of foam, to model the hair and give it a romantic accent. The woman with such hair will get more daring, but the romantic look.


Straight blunt bob with bangs and straight cut – this hairstyle gives the image of elegance and style, and straight bangs are sure to emphasize the glance. This hairstyle is versatile as suits perfectly any age. Blunt bob with a bang, if hair is perfectly smooth and shiny, will adorn any age.

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