Women’s sweaters: fashion trends 2016

Women’s sweaters: fashion trends 2016

Sweater is an important element of clothes, it is very versatile, as it suits the fair sex of all ages and body types. Now you can find the options of different styles to suit every occasion and event. Which of them are fashionable in 2016?

Women’s sweaters fashion trends 2016

Women’s sweaters: fashion styles 2016

The trend is wide sweaters that can hide figure flaws, give brittleness and elegance to the image. You can wear them with many things: jeans, trousers or skirts, suitable for the figure. The outfit should be supplemented with the bright belt. Short models hardly get you warm, but definitely accentuate slender figure – they can be easily combined with a pencil skirt or jeans with a high waist.

Elongated women’s sweaters in the form of a tunic or dress are also popular.

Combine them with leggings or thick tights, not forgetting to emphasize the waist with a thin belt. Fashion trend of 2016 is sweater with a high collar – fitting or wide. Styles with understated cutout ‘boat’ where the fabric gently falls on the bare shoulders are very interesting. Young girls can safely combine a sweater with a mini skirt or shorts and sneakers. Its sleeve length is 3/4.

Topical fabrics for the sweaters 2016

Natural wool is always popular, especially in the cold months, as well as cashmere, angora, alpaca or mohair. For the summer you should choose lighter fabrics – flax, iris, cotton. The synthetics – viscose and acrylic – should be abandoned.

Trendy colors, prints and décor of sweaters

Models in various colors are popular. Plain sweaters of calm shades such as brown and blue, beige and black, gray and white, are in trend. All shades of pastel colors – sky blue and pink, cream and pale lilac – are relevant. Girls, which are dissatisfied with their figure, it is necessary to choose plain sweaters of dark shades without unnecessary decoration.

Fashionable prints are animals and flowers images, cartoon characters, geometric shapes (circles, triangles, lines, squares) and Scandinavian motifs. The decor in the new season is quite modest.

Thus, it is necessary to give up a large number of beads and rhinestones, sequins, feathers and staves. However, the item can be decorated with modest embroidery or satin ribbons, openwork collar. The inserts and applications of other materials – leather, lace and fur – will be appropriate.

Models of women’s sweaters with large or knitted texture in the form of bundles or braids will become relevant. They are ideally combined with long skirts. Interesting and trendy options of the décor are perforation; cuts on the back and the chest, the complex weave of knitted products.

Women’s sweater is not just convenient, comfortable, giving warmth and comfort item of clothing, but also the actual component part of the wardrobe. Along with it is possible to add a variety of knitted accessories, repeating pattern of the product such as socks, bags, hats, scarves and mittens. If you cannot choose the right sweater, then it is always possible to knit by yourself from caught fancy yarn!

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