Young family. How to learn to live together?

Young family. How to learn to live together?

After the noisy and cheerful wedding the most difficult times come: the beginning of a joint life and way of life, which often spoils the relationships and becomes a barrier in relations between the young couple.

Young family. How to learn to live together

Initially the idea of living together seems romantic, happy, like a fairy tale, and each spouse sees in his or her own way these days – coffee in bed in the morning, dinner by candlelight, a joint-view of the movies and a walk in the moonlight. In fact, all ‘pink’ dreams are soon dispelled. In fact, the euphoria and romance in the life of newlyweds end earlier than expected. And to the grayness of everyday life wouldn’t sink the ‘boat’ of newly-made family, you need to follow some advice of specialists and psychologists.

1. Do not hush up discontent; it is necessary to discuss all the details and the little things that do not suit the young couple. Big mistake is to hush up unpleasant situations and grievances in order to avoid quarrels. In fact, resentments tend to accumulate and worsen. Many of the problems in the family occur by accident, so it is better to speak about all that worries.

2. It is not necessary to involve a third party into family problems. It should be understood that the methods of solving problems in one family are not the best solution for the other family.

3. The rational division of labor. Times when a man chopped wood, carried water from the well and stoked the stove are gone, and the woman doesn’t sit at home, and works on a par with her husband. Therefore it is necessary to abandon the stereotypes of the division of responsibilities on the female and male ones and efficiently distribute them.

4. Do not take on the role of supervisor. It is not necessary to establish order in the house at the request of the dominant member of the family. It is necessary to make decisions together as partners. And let the man feel himself a master in his family.

5. It is necessary to allow the other half to spend time with friends. This applies to both men and representatives of the beautiful half of society. Separate pastime with friends allows spouses to be distracted and miss each other. Well, if a young family has common friends.

Following these basic tips, the young family will only get stronger; and gray days will not spoil the euphoria of living together. Living together and sharing the same space is a science, which comes with experience and years. The ability to hear and understand the second half is the key to success.

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