Your Baby Shoes Cost What?

Your Baby Shoes Cost What?

When did infants start needing haute couture? We have come to a point of ridiculousness in the United States that is near comical. That adults wear three hundred dollar sneakers is mind boggling. That the same adults do not use these sneakers for any sporting event is even more perplexing. Now it is entirely possible that an infant could be wearing brand name sneakers that cost hundreds of dollars before they even are capable of putting their own feet on the floor.

Your Baby Shoes Cost What?

We as a society have failed in certain respects. It is no more event anywhere than our predisposition with form over function with clothing. It has come to a ludicrous conclusion with the introduction of infant shoes that cost in excess of one hundred dollars. These are not special shoes which help said child learn to walk, oh no! These are mock versions of Air Jordan sneakers and Timberland boots which are sold openly as crib shoes on our major retailers sites which carry them. Again I said crib shoes. Those would be shoes which are worn in the crib. They are shoes for children who can not yet walk and will grow out of them shortly well before learning to walk.

Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. There are furs, diamonds, and God only knows what else. The sky is the limit when it comes to the blind consumer greed and frenzy which has taken root in this market segment. It also seems suspiciously like the consumers who are buying into this trend are not the elite, rich, one percent you would think. We have parents who have yet to purchase their child’s first book spending thousands on clothes which will last months at best. This is a crime.

Children’s clothes should be functional, and protective. Your child needs to have their body temperature regulated and their skin protected. It is foolish to do anything beyond that. The way young children grow clothing them is costly when you make the right choices. Allowing your foolish vanity to spill over onto your infant by proxy is idiocy. When choosing you baby’s clothes by durable yet reasonable brands. Save as much money as you can for all the other myriad of expenses that are coming your way. Take your pride and lock it away. Accept gifts, hand me downs, and anything else functional that is offered.

Your child need not look like a pauper. Remember that the clothes you are being given may have been worn, but they were worn by someone who didn’t move, walk, or really do anything else. You will be able to probably give those same clothes to another child. When it comes to infant fashion think functional and cost effective. Any other decision is a bad one. We are after all talking about little creatures who poop on what they are wearing fifty percent of the time. It seems a rule of thumb should be if you stand a good chance of getting poop on your trousers at any given time then perhaps you should not be wearing one hundred dollar trousers. I know we all want the best for our children. This is a case of realizing the the best is what works best not what looks best. If we aren’t going to have enough sense and solid self confidence to shop frugally for ourselves in a functional way at least we can do better for are children. Infancy is a messy, difficult time as it is without having to be treated like a ridiculous doll fulfilling some blow up fantasy of affluence for our parents. Let kids be kids, at least when the are infants if nothing else!

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